Chicken Coop Tour and Design Ideas – Mostly Recycled Material

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Tour the 3rd chicken coop I ever built. We left this coop in Indiana last year. It is made from recycled sheet metal, 2×4, 2×6, and lumber from an old house that was torn down.

There is no build video for Chicken Coop v3.0 because it was built before I had a camcorder. I hope this gives you some design ideas for your chicken coop.

I also show you a glimpse of my new chicken coop, made from 95%+ new material. Follow me on twitter to catch project and progress that are weeks, months, or years before the video is published. Also stuff that are not published as video.

Over the next couple of videos I plan to show you how I built my current chicken coop, the chicken run, the no-waste feeder, the nesting box that doubles as a brooder, and design considerations when building a chicken coop that is geographical and climate influenced.

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