How to build large chicken coop free chicken coop plans-how to build a chicken coop / house

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how to build large chicken coop free chicken coop plans-how to build a chicken coop / house
The ability to make a chicken coop to house your own laying hens used to be beyond the majority of people, but that need no longer be the case with Bill Keene’s package called Building A Chicken Coop. The product presents plans for creating a small portable coop, a midsized coop that can be movable or permanent, and a large fixed coop that can hold up to 50 chickens.

Comprehensive step-by-step drawings are supplied for each coop size, along with a materials list that tells you exactly what material to use and how to size every piece.

The plans are designed so that they can be constructed by practically everybody and the only workplace tools that are actually required are a hammer, a saw, a measuring tape, a drill and a pair of pliers to work with the chicken wire.

The two-story chicken coops are particularly notable since they save space by having an easy to access nesting and roosting area on top of a feeding area that is enclosed with wire underneath.
These unique coops are usually portable so they can be moved around the backyard to make available new grass for the chickens, decrease cleaning chores, and help spread the chicken fertilizer over a larger area.

Much bonus information is included in the product that tells you what the best and cheapest materials are for making your coop and coop bottom, as well as providing information on how to construct nesting boxes for a small price by using material that can be found around the majority of homes and that is commonly discarded.

You also need to know how to select the proper chicken breed for your own needs from the many different breeds that are available. Otherwise, you may well end up buying chickens that are first-class meat producers when you actually sought good laying hens.

Besides showing you how to choose the best coop for your requirements and how to build it, there is also bonus material on how to select chickens for your location and needs and how to take care of them.

The importance of this bonus material cannot be overemphasized because it is not enough to know how to construct a chicken coop. You also need information about how to take proper care of your chickens. This vital information makes it worthwhile to purchase a package like this, rather than getting free plans that do not provide chicken care information.
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