Baby Chicks Enter Their New Home – Chicken Coop

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Myra has the bottom all covered with cardboard so the bottom of the cage won’t hurt the little chicken feet. It wasn’t easy to get her away from the bamboo bottom. She wanted to be sure the chicks and chickens had Happy Feet. This one is much easier to clean. She still didn’t want sliding trays or an easy removal for the cardboard. I little hard work makes character. It is, ‘ NOT GOOD ‘ to make it too easy.

The little adobos, OPPS ! The little chicks seem to be happy in their new environment. I was amazed at how fast they hit the water and food. That is a fantastic instinct they have.

Myra is very, very conscientious of the birds. I can’t even hear them but she does and any extra ordinary peeps and she is out the door checking on them. She also gets up at night a couple of times to be sure they are okay.

Myra is all happy to have her home business up and going again. She has already hit the streets looking for orders. She told me she needs some planning so she is sure to have Christmas birds also.

If anyone remembers in the other videos, we had a nice game plan on more chicken coops. We were going to pursue some other other people to raise chicks for us. After a few people wanted payment advances before we even had birds, Myra and I decided that it looked good on paper, but in real life it wasn’t such a good idea.

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My retirement in the Philippines began in Sept 6, 2012. I arrived here with a backpack, my computer, and drawing/art material to write, play and make videos. This Vlog of life here is for my memories and show my friends and family back in the USA what it is like living in the Philippines.


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