How To Build A Chicken Run – Small Chicken Coop Plans

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The most important thing to remember when you want to build chicken coop is that prior planning is vital to your success. You can save hours of time, and also plenty of money, by planning with precision exactly what you want your coop to be like, how many chickens you intend to keep in your coop, and what kind of chickens you intend to raise. A well-constructed chicken coop is key to having healthy happy chickens who will lay you lots of delicious eggs.

Building the coop off the ground is also an excellent idea, as it will not only stop water from flooding the floor of your coop, but it will keep out snakes and weasels. To allow your chickens easy access, you can build a chicken door off the ground with a ramp leading up to it. Once you’ve planned out everything to a full extent, then you can get started on constructing your coop. Don’t skimp on the materials, because the better quality ones you use, the more sturdy your coop will be. If you’ve planned out your chicken coop construction before you began, then the actual construction process should be fairly easy and fun.

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