How to build chicken coop run | Cheap plans to build chicken coop run & chicken runs

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How to build chicken coop run. Cheap plans to build chicken coop run & chicken runs – Click on the link to find tips on the factors influencing chicken run design.
Chickens are domestic birds and on many farms, chickens are able to roam free during the day but they do need a safe place to sleep in peace at night and this is where you need a good. A well constructed hen house will keep out all the dogs, foxes and other hungry predators that you may have roaming freely hunting for food all night.
Chicken coops and runs help to protect your chickens from the outside cold and the wet weather. They also have nesting boxes attached or built in for hens to lay their eggs when they decide to.
Hens like to have a snug tight nesting box to lay their eggs in. Nesting boxes are usually made from wood and a good idea is to put hay at the bottom of them to make the chicken feel comfortable and also to protect the egg from being damaged.
Hens prefer to lay eggs in a dark warm place and will find a sheltered hollow under a hedge if they decide to lay eggs outside rather than in the hen house. If chickens are not happy inside their chicken runs they will not lay eggs. The design and layout of a chicken coop and their chicken run can make a big difference to the amount of eggs produced.
There are a large number of different shapes and sizes of chicken runs and coops with each of them having distinct advantages to suit different needs. Most coops have some sort of chicken run which are the fenced areas where they can roam. It is connected to the hen house and allows the chickens to roam and forage outside during the day.
Some chicken farmers are able to let their chickens roam free outside. Chickens that are allowed to do this are called free-range and it allows them to get plenty of sun and fresh air during the day as well as still having good shelter when they need it. Free range chickens still need to be fed by farmers but they also have the ability to forage for food on their own. They will eat a lot of green matter including grass as part of their diet.
Chickens can be vey noisy like many other birds. They will often cluck especially when the have laid an egg. This is more likely to be in the morning. Roosters make a lot of noise and will call the classic noise of cock-a-doodle-doo at all hours of the early morning not just at dawn. Young roosters will attempt to make this call but it takes quite a bit of practice and the noise they make sounds somewhat strangled. They can however spend a lot of early hours practicing which can make them rather a nuisance to you and your neighbors.
Chickens are very social birds and the groups that chickens like to live in are called flocks but as with very close communities there is often conflict and they are often aggressive toward each other. They maintain control with a pecking order which is the domination of the strongest birds. It is a natural thing but does require that the chickens have enough space to sort themselves out or else the weakest chickens become hen pecked and weak.
Chickens do not naturally take to water; indeed they prefer to keep away from it. Instead of taking a bath in water like many birds, they like to take dust baths. This has the effect of scratching themselves and dislodging parasites. They like to keep their feathers in good condition so they will preen themselves with their beaks.
Chickens are notorious wasters of supplied feed and will scratch a lot into the ground if allowed. Having a chicken feeder to contain bought grain will help to reduce waste. An automatic chicken feeder will supply grain to the chickens when they want and also keep it dry. It also keeps the pests out. Grain is needed for regular egg production especially if the chickens cannot range free.
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